Visit Watoto

We welcome you to come and see the Watoto model in action because the Watoto and African experience is best understood by visiting! You will be able to interact with the babies, children, mums, teachers and ladies in the Living Hope program and see firsthand the difference Watoto is making in the lives of thousands!

The Watoto experience can also be one of serving and you can be involved as a volunteer in various Watoto initiatives. If you are coming for a month or more, you can become an individual volunteer in one of many capacities. Alternatively, get a team together, join a global team or one of our Watoto Australia National Teams.

Alternatively, if you are over 18, have always dreamed of coming to Africa and have a passionate desire to find your purpose, why not consider taking part in Watoto’s adventurous, life-impacting school of ministry – Watoto360°.

Every volunteer will have the unique opportunity to serve alongside the Watoto team and we don't doubt that this experience will change your life for the better. So why wait? Come and experience Watoto and Africa today!

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